I am a land use planner and, in 1985, I started to work  in  China. Since then, I have spent many years in Asia, mainly China, North Korea and Afghanistan.  In addition to this, I  have taken over many assignments in  development projects all over Asia and Africa.


I am based in Berlin, Germany and take over over short term assignments in the fields of:


- climate change - adaptation and mitigation,

- rural development,

- sustainable farming,
- rural and urban land use planning,
- participatory approaches,
- monitoring and evaluation.
- and others


Please look at my fields of experience and  contact me if you want my expertise.


I BELIEVE IN PARTICIPATION __________________________________________

A sustainable development can only be successful if community members and decision makers  are enabled to  create their own future. I support people to help themselves. I have developed and applied a range of tools and approaches that make this possible. Please check my experience if you want to know more.

Here is a publication that I recently facilitated in China:

Approaches to Sustainable Communities and Urbanization in China
From Blueprint to Participatory Planning[...]
PDF-Dokument [22.8 MB]


Climate change, the destruction of forests, floods and water scarcity are global problems. Development cooperation plays an important role to bring all people together to work for a better future. I am especially interested in integrating participatory apporaches and GIS into land use planning. See one of my contributions in this topic.

In recent years, many countries in Asia have undergone a massive urbanization process. This has created both opportunities and challenges. Population pressure, rapid motorization and low energy effieciency in buildings contribute to the effects of climate change. Therefore, I now also work in low carbon city development. Please see a recent publication here:

Climate Change and Urbanization in China
Climate Change and Urbanization Challeng[...]
PDF-Dokument [14.6 MB]

I BELIEVE IN GENDER EQUALITY ____________________________

Men and women should equally participate in development and contribute to a welfare of a society. However, in many parts of the world women are disadvanted and do not have equal rights. Therefore, they need our special support. In all the countries I have worked I have always included gender in my work. Now, I am especially familiar with gender approaches in Asia.

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